John Yadgir

Beatle Freak.  I was mesmerized by their amazing lyrics, melodies, George Martin’s brilliantly layered production, and how different and advanced each album was from the previous one.   So from Wieboldt’s in Evanston, I obtain my first guitar and amp with S&H Green Stamps.   It was the early ‘70s. My cousin Mark teaches me, with great patience, my first song:  “Eighteen” by Alice Cooper.  ECD:  three chords.  (Thanks mom and dad for putting up with the noise.)  By the time I went to Loyola University, I had become an average self-taught, play-by-ear chord guy.

Med school and residency.  If it wasn’t for a rare jam session with my roommate John Flaherty (incredible guitar player still playing in two bands in Chicago), I wouldn’t have even touched the guitar the few times that I did.

Mid-Life Crisis: After many years away from guitar, my wife Amy bought me a Fender Strat for Christmas (much cheaper than a Porsche and much  less messy than an affair). I started really listening to my favorite music again:  Beatles, Allman Brothers, Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Knopfler, etc.

MRB.  Re-enter Mark who came over with his Tele and we started jamming. Amy then found a way to get us out of our basement and into someone else’s.  She had a discussion with Dick after church one day and suggested that I give him a call.  We got together in Dick’s basement (where we have been practicing ever since) and decided that night to make a go of it.   Dick then invited Lou, Jim, and Dave.  After 2 years of steadily improving our sound, Abbott Labs quite sadly took Mark to the City by the Bay.  Good neighbor Bud became the new rhythm guitar ace and here we are:  a group of guys who became good friends.  These guys even let me take two years off to spend time with the family.   Mission River Band: a classic rock band trying our best to make good music…..and support charities of all types.  I feel very fortunate that God has blessed me with great parents, very cool brother and sister, a beautiful wife, four incredible children, a job I love and this Mission with the band.