The Mission River Band "Mission Statement":

To create and to re-create great music we love, in support of causes we believe in, in the sprit of fellowship, marked by a deep desire to improve and challenge our own musical boundaries.

Some people like to listen to classic rock & roll and blues. Some love to experience it at live performances. Others enjoy owning and collecting the music and the memorabilia. Still others want to re-create it…

The Mission River Band plays the great music from the “golden age of rock” - The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Clapton, The Eagles, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, Santana, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and some interesting “deep cuts” as well a few classic R&B favorites.

MRB evolved from the friendship of a group of guys - all busy in their professions, dedicated to their families, and active in the community – who got together to play for the simple joy of making music with people they liked. After a number of months of informal rehearsing on a semi-regular basis, in 2006, Mission River tested the performance waters, playing at some private parties and a few local taverns. The response was more than the guys expected, and positive feedback fueled the desire to improve the performance and tighten the sound.

As the friendships deepened, the musicianship improved, and the repertoire expanded, the “mission” of Mission River also evolved. MRB is unique in that the band’s inspiration and motivation comes from performing in support of causes that are important to the group’s members. MRB has performed in support of fundraising events for organizations including Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Lumen Christi Parish School, the Boerner Botanical Gardens, Guitars for Veterans (G4V), Special Olympics, ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis), Hunger Task Force, and the Retinal Research Foundation.

Why not join The Mission River Band in a celebration of the music we love, in support of causes we believe in? What’s better than Classic Rock, except rock for a reason?

The Mission River Band is: 

  • Richard Phalen, bass, guitars & vocals;
  • Jim Lopina, keyboards & vocals; 
  • Bud Bobber, guitars & vocals; 
  • John Yadgir, guitars; 
  • Dave Karp, guitars & keyboards; and 
  • Lou Marino, drums & percussion.
  • Jacob Sweet- Saxophone
  • Elizabeth Bagley Feyrer- Vocals

 Come on out and help us "Rock for a Reason"