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Very pleased with the photo that seasoned Journal/Sentinel photographer Benny Sieu took at Sherbrooke studios. Although my cranium appears a bit skewed, at least it masks the size differential! Ha ha. Bud is fully immersed, Lou is making some good eye contact, Dave looks like ten years younger despite running a fever that night, and Dick is the consumate musician driving the beat. I think we were in the middle of the Beatles "I've Got a Feeling" because I'm playing a D chord. I probably just made a minor blunder and am laughing at myself. Benny seemed to genuinely dig what we were laying down and was gracious enough to chat with us for a while afterwards.

Did anyone notice the poster of Dick with his band on the side of my left cheek? It's got to be from at least 30 years ago!

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I love Jim's face -- showing enjoyment for us all. As long as you're checking out the background stuff in the studio, check out the Will Phalen art work seen over Dave's left shoulder. Cool. And, I always wanted to ask Dick -- what countries do those flags in the corner represent?

May 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBud

Yeah that's a good question - what countries are those anyways? The Will Phalen poster reminds me of Neil Young's 'Decade' album cover.

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